Work package 3:
Communication protocols

This WP will develop and validate a communication protocol prototype that will be used for two-way data exchange between remotely controllable DER devices and respective device management applications. The objectives of this WP include:

  • Analysis of communication requirements for remote control of Smart Energy Grid components defined in WP1.
  • Development of technology-independent communication protocol model in order to fulfill identified Smar Energy Grid communication requirements.
  • Analysis of legacy communication protocols commonly used for remote DER control.
  • Evaluation of widely used standards-compliant Web-based communication protocols supporting open technologies against pre-assigned Smart Energy Grid communication protocol model in order to identify the most appropriate implementation approach.
  • Development of communication protocol prototype according to afore identified technological mapping.
  • Development of gateways for selected legacy protocols.
  • Validation of the developed communication protocol prototype in a simulation environment and gateway testing.