Work package 5:

DER Management Applications

This WP will develop algorithms that make use of the middleware developed in WP6 and the registry developed in WP4 will be able to manage the different DER devices including generation, storage and load. The developed algorithms will provide new services to electricity stakeholders such as DER owners/users, Distribution System Operators, Retailers and Balancing Responsible Parties. The applications will seamlessly integrate and use the services provided by the middleware platform. In this way, they will be able to search for the DERs that allow deploying the services and communicate with those DER devices in order to monitor and send the corresponding control commands and flexibility requests.

The objectives of this WP can be summarized as follows:

  • Identify innovative algorithms that make use of DER capabilities at the distribution level both for network operation and market participation;
  • Specify and design the applications that integrate the DER coordination, network operation and market participation algorithms;
  • Implement, test and asses the benefits of the developed algorithms in a simulation environment.