Work package 6:
Open Middleware Implementation
& OS4ES system integration

The main objective of the current WP is to develop, test and fine-tune the OS4ES open-source semantic message oriented middleware, which will comprise the interoperability gateway and the central interconnection part for all OS4ES components, allowing for the smooth communication and information exchange between them, as well as, between OS4ES and the involved smart grid actors and DERs.

The resulting middleware will incorporate the OS4ES Common Information Model, consisting in the necessary data models and ensuring the semantic and syntactic interoperability between the various components comprising and entities involved in the Open System for Energy Services (OS4ES). Moreover, the middleware will incorporate appropriate Managed Message Processing functions, allowing for real-time communication management, event handling, message transformation and translation, mapping, routing, etc., thus, establishing an agile and flexible communication framework. 

The OS4ES middleware will be open-source, so any interested actor/stakeholder will be able to develop applications upon this common environment. For example, DSOs will be able to integrate the common features in their Distribution Management Systems, or other actors acting as aggregators, utilize it to participate in electricity markets with aggregated DER clusters, through the exploitation of the respective interfaces.