Work package 7:
Lab & Field Testing 

This WP will simulate and test the various functionalities and algorithms as well as middleware defined in previous WPs in a real-time electricity grid simulator as well as in the laboratory and one or more field tests.

The functionalities that will be addressed include, but are not limited to:

  • Congestion management: Avoidance of power flows that are above power ratings of electric equipment (lines, transformers etc.) caused by increased peak demand, equipment aging and DER penetration.
  • Volt/Var optimization: Finer control over voltage profiles in distribution feeders allow reducing network losses and avoiding over and under voltages
  • Compensation of renewable intermittency: The use of storage systems to smooth the power output of intermittent renewable sources (e.g. PV) avoids the use of costly peak power plants providing an environmentally cleaner solution
  • Virtual Power Plants: Management of a set of DER systems as if they were a single dispatchable unit enabling their participation in electricity markets and benefiting this way the DER owners as well as improving overall system efficiency.

The objectives of this WP are summarized as follows: 

  • Validate and optimize the energy management system with regards to scalability for electricity grids of the future through real-time electricity grid simulation
  • Validate and optimize the energy management system in the laboratory and in one or more field tests
  • Obtain and analyse real-time information and feedback from test users on all levels of the usage chain
  • Development and validation of gateways for selected legacy protocols of DERs used in laboratory and field tests.